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Poptropica super power island walktrough

  • Go to the subway and speeding spike will be on the train
  • Make him keep on running after you until he slips on the puddle then you can get him.
  • At city park there will be a villain.when he sends rocks at you jump on the head of the statue and jump overhim. The rocks will hit him.
  • Next the ground will fly up, move the rock by the bathrooms to the statueand the ground will throw it up and hit him. Then get him.
  • Next go into the bathroom and go into the sewer. When your in the sewer there will be a handle. Click itthe water will go down 
  • Go to the right and click the handle there.the water will go up. Then when it goes upchuck the handle in the middle and i will go up again and if you go to the left there will be a door and a handle. Go into the door. Another villain will be there. Watch out for the ratsjump on the first pipe.
  • Then jump on the building. Jump on the pipe thats like on the building,and jump on the one at your top left,then the one on you right. You should see a handle,click it then bees will come after you so hurry and get the guy.
  • Next go to the telephone booth and click the phone. You will get the fly ability. Go to the condemned building down town and fly up it.the last villain will be there. Fly after her. Dodge her attacks and hit her when you can.she will fall and you can get her (after the totally unexpected cut seen) Get a hot dog from city park. Give it to noodle ned and you get the medal

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