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1. get the pig by going into one of the underground things.
go all the way right and get that.
2. go to a different underground thing and go all the way down. talk to the person w/ the glow stick.
go where he tells you and get the glow stick, and get out.
3. now go into a DIFFERENT underground thing, and follow what it says on the wall to get the golden egg. Get back up.

4.go to the screen w/ all the big, tell buildings.
5. Go all the way left to the to the sign on the building that says “rooftop restaurant” Go all the way up, and climb the vine.
5. You should be in the clouds and you can see a giant’s foot.
6. give him the egg, and he will let you through.
7. go all the way left past the giant veggies, and past the space thing.
8. pick up the jet pack. and go back to the giant veggies. get the water bucket by flying over the plant.
9. go down where it says “exit.”
10. pick up the flag.
11. now go to the early poptropica screen, and give all the people what they need. (To give the flag go all the way right and climb the rope.)
12. now climb down the rope and to the ship that just appeared and he will give you your medallion.
hope that helped!!

P.S.: the underground things are located:
-by the soda pop shop
-the tall buildings
-and early poptropica(the well)


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