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1. Open the grate at the side of the factory to get inside. Hop on the little tops as they flip up (you should move RIGHT when the top goes up)Don’t forget to pick up the carrot transporter. Avoid the rat and go up the room with the switches. To operate it, move the middle switch all the way down and the two other switches to the middle. Once it is turned on, hop on the moving claw so you can get into the vent system. First go to the PROCESSING ROOM. On your way there, you will pick up a pair of WIRE CUTTERS. Then, turn around and head to the FREEZER. In the freezer, you will find a security box. Cut the wires and go out. Then head to the PROCESSING ROOM again. Go inside and then talk to the people to disable their mind control rabbot ears. Head back to the PRINTER ROOM. Disable the person’s rabbot ears and she will show you a piece of paper that prints out (It says “Password:fuzzybunny”). Go back to the PROCESSING ROOM. Go into the big metal doors where it says EXIT. It will take you to a room with giant smashing machines. There, you will find a pair of RABBOT EARS. Use your CARROT TRANSPORTER to take you out. It will take you OUTSIDE, so just go inside the factory again and repeat the flippy things and the room with the switches until you get to the vents.
2. When you finally are back into the vents, go to the PROCESSING ROOM and go to the metal doors that say EXIT. Dr. Hare is waiting for you and he tells you something. Go up to the computer and type in the password (fuzzybunny) and the task (launch rabbot). A little screen will pop up, kind of like a video game. Use the joystick to steer the rabbot into the meteors to crash it. When you defeat Dr. Hare and his rabbot, climb up the rope back to Main Street. Talk to the Mayor and he’ll give you a medallion. You’ve just beaten 24 Carrot, congratulations to you



Hey I foind this awesome game called its pretty cool!

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